Saturday, March 20, 2010

Irontail Hints

HInts Current at Start of Hunt. Join Irontail Hunters in world for the most up to date clues for hunters. Happy Hunting!

Here is just a small sampling of some of the gifts being offered in this hunt!

001 1 of 2 Find your way to a womans soul & you will find this egg 2of2 The Dhampyr has what you seek!

002 Egg moves a lot check daily hint board

003 **30m rule does apply* Eyes all around ~ watching you search ~ hunt the sky ~ hunt the ground ~ trying not to keep you in the lurch ~ have you looked in the church ~ or up on a perch ~ c'mon tighten your belts ~ you're bound to find it ~ We hope you enjoy your prize ~ we look forward to hearing your cries.

004 Don't get burned

006 See in store hint giver - we move it around lots

007 pain and pleasure... dont be scared!

008 hint giver is on the wall

009 Panda's luv eggies!

010 This is one subdues egg... fits perfectly with other subdued things...!

011 sitting pretty on a wall

012 I know bees like to pollinate, but I didn't know they laid eggs that big.

013 if you want to find the can steel it away from the second floor

014 bad eggs have to sit in the corner

015 Find The Kitchen and Rescue Me Before I Become Poached Eggs for 3.

016 Brushing my hair by candlelight

016B Well, if I were an Easter Bunny, I'd have a look in a box.

017 Keep your cute lil nose to the ground, bunny. You'll sniff out your prize.

018Danger! Hazardous Chemicals

019 Look high!

020 Come on and make a little break ... Its very comfortable on the couch with all these pillows !

021 Where the hugs are

022 sea of purple, it blends!30m rule applies

023 Light up my life

024 Toys for grown ups

025Nestled safe and sound in soft fluffy pillows.

026 The branches wave in old dead trees.

027 Careful if you decide to sit there ! Don't need you smash me !

028 The Mania of Midnight comes in the dark look around and u will see an purple egg on high.


030 Look at vendors closely.

031Check hunt hint box in store

032 Follow the steps, look between the Steamy products...

033 Sitting pretty way up high and a nice view too!

034It's Miss Scarlet, in the "Library", with the egg..

035 Your weapons, you will not need them

036Use the hint giver next to the door

037Take a Closer Look

038 You'll be MAZED at where you will find the egg!

039 No hint, hiding place changes weekly

040 its ok the watch dog is my friend

041 Make sure to rezz and go up the stairs!

043 Hiding while listening couples sit and chat


045 head up to the third floor..

046 Please don't shove that dagger in my eye!

047 up the stairs, with a view

048 don't hurt your neck looking up!

049 Hint giver in store

050 We're pretty sure it's one those 12 painted eggs the bunny left at midnight.

051 Check out the third floor & the pretty May flowers

052 Hidden by all the Big cats

053 Head up to the 2nd floor...revenge is a dish best served cold

054 Look at the birdy way up high!

055 On top of a Princess

056 I'm going to sit in this beanbag chair and relax a while

057 Pandas, cupcakes, bunnies...oh my! I hope you can see me better with these on.

058 yoga is great, just make sure you stretch up on your tip toes!

059 Tis hot up here
Castle's rock!I like fireplaces Past the barrels Up the stairs of the Castle

060 Get some tail!

061 April showers bring may flowers

062 If you like to watch each other, you'll like this pose, look in the sex position section in the shop.

063 come and find me in the 2nd floor i like winter dont you?

064 Ive found a restful spot in the shade where its safe and warm.

065 Yummy, I love Berrrriiiees!

066 Some eggs are more rugged than others. Ours is VERY rugged indeed...

067 ... hey boy, are you strong enough to wear it?

068 Check along the willows

069 where the water meet the ground

070 Find Vanessa and she will know where the gift is, she loves to steal everything!

071 hint is Victory may be harder that it seems, to find me now seek something green

072 Follow the path till you see Midnight, look left look right your prize is hidden in plain view.

073 It's kind of tight on this boat in the captains quarters.

074 Fill your chalice oh wanderer of darkness

075 Look to the dragons eye

076 planted with a heart

077 Take the high road (only not too high), take a look in the mirror, be very proud of who you are and don't ever sink to his/her level.

078 Hmmm... am I guilty or innocent?

079 This Memorial really makes you think back...

080 Under an Assassin

081 Hints are available from the heart at the landing point

082 What you don't see the Panther does

083 What goes up must come down.

084 Llamas do NOT lay eggs. Which makes the ones in the club PARTICULARLY intriguing. I'm just saying.

085 Boys, Boys, Boys!

086 Go downstairs to Bojana and look for the 3 big seals

087 We dont have to be married...

088 Among the shapes but BIKINIS are the Best...

089 I love that brown leather couch !

090 Sunflowers make me think of summer

091 Getting some fresh air.

092 Do plants wear collars?

093 Hintgiver on the hint table as prize will move

094 Be greedy, and you will seek what you are looking for

095 Head upstairs.... I swear it only burns a little

096 Mmmmm, poached eggs for breakfast! (CHeck out the light house)
"B" Prize = Up Up and Away

097 The bar inside.

098 Another day another dollar...or linden as the case may be.

099 In another world on another land

100 Check out whats NEW!

101 Follow the track's and you's see where I'm at. Some place comfy, a big round _ _ shr _ _ m cap!

102 A Cherry would make a good gift.

103 Step to it

104 Looking for special offers? It may pay out:)

105 Oh no, someone stole the egg! But who'd want easter eggs?

106 sandwiched in the middle where they intersect

107 Love NEKO outfits!

108 Do you REALLY believe that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket?

109 Aren't eggs supposed to be INSIDE the fridge?!

110 who want to be a Rock Star???

111Inside of my easter basket you should have a look....

112 Can you picture a blood top-up?

113 Customise your look

114 Sit down and relax a while

115 Follow that rabbit

116 Look up!

117 Have a seat!

118 A tasteful Eggtoddy is never wrong


120 Aww don't feel ashamed

121 Follow the Hunt Tracks

122 It is always worth the climb.

123 Pour yourself into this great gift!


126 If it's good enough 4 a frog it could just be good enough 4 an egg... But... U'll just have 2 sea... So hope on over & take a look @ 7 Seas... There u just may find what u seek...

127 SKIP STORE MOVED NO CONTACT YET Gift wrapped lookin' pretty!

128 Hardboiled the old fashioned way!

129 Look behind the eye of Inspiration.

130 This gift is a work of art

131 Keep the Gears Spinning

132 It's warm and comfy and cozy!!

133 Check the many eggs for hints to find

134 Look where the grass grows

135 Follow the lights and you will see, where the egg wants you to be.

136 Don´t put your finger in a half closed Door! *ouch*

137 Nipplelicious!

138 nom nom. I taste good on pizza

139 When I look down, I miss all the good stuff. When I look up, I just trip over things.

140 The M doesnt stand for Money!!

141 Theres an egg here in each of the Gay, Lesbian and Str8 stores...somewhere on the ground level.... tucked in a corner....

142 Eggs and Tropical Flowers dont mix.

143 Look For the Shroom in the Wall

144 Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip...

145 Close to the solid gold fireplace.

146 what a lovely Vase!

147 do you like my mask?

148 i'm near the box, poor me in the floor.....

149 Elinor in front

150 The Purple fairies stole the egg and took it to the heavens.

151 If you feel lucky have a seat and roll the dice, is lady luck on your side? 2 of 3 The next egg stares you in the face, when you enter its hidden place. 3 of 3: The eyes are the window to the soul, they will always show how blue you are.

152 Do they sell Lingerie and short dresses here?

153Follow the white rabbit

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Irontail Merchants

Bound & Bitten
The Bobbysocks Shoppe
Michigan Shack
The Silversides Lighthouse Store
[XIII] Gothic Furniture
Deviant Designs
Vamp Equip
AIDORU Creations
Loka Designs
DW Designs
Genira Fantasy
~Sa-eela~ Silks
D&V Creations
RoTten DeFiAnce
Never Ever & Robbish
[SKN] Skat Cat Neko
Soul Distraction
Wisent Animations
PK Private Collection
Kastle Rock Couture
Chained Heat
Dreed & Zoe's
5th Age Designs
Hearth & Home
Phoebe ~Piercings & more
Satiated Desires
Luscious Art & Photography
Furious Form
Katia Soma
.::Trixxy's Shop::.
Wicked Needs
Rusty Rhode
Secrets of Gaia
Dream Catchers Photography
MP Designs
Gestures by Nykeria
D'Funk'd Design's
KD Designs
[DC] Dangerous Cinsations
Kabuki Creations
Ali Couture
JB Sterling
Smokin Threadz
Zahir Design
Evaki Clothing Boutique
Leather & Lace
Forgotten Earth Design
Salamander Airways
Cheeky Pea
Kittycat's Creations
Grumble Grumble
Passionate Neko
RV Concepts Seduction
Aster Builts
Orctime & Hestia's House
The Kink Pot
Nyx Design
The Hedge Witch
!Dragonlady Design's @ Artworks Gallery
ErotiXXX Gestures
SR Kitty's
The Swamp Witch
Sinful Minds
Luna Eclipse Design
Decor Delights
*Ip2 Fashions & Alunark's Designs
QQ Creations
Andromeda Gallery
Foxworth Creations
Panther Vision Design
Gwen's Den
Moon Corrigible
Eye Candi
BOJANA Fashions
BBW Fashions
RnB Designs Furniture
Kassturn Homes & Skyboxes
Kass's Kink Art
Same as it Never was
Angel's Haven
Biohazard Rocker Wear
Cherry Bomb
Madness & Mayhem
*sweety's Blue Heart
Dead Bunny
Girlfriend's Closet
Magically Aluring
Joe's Ink
Abia Capilini Design
Sanguis Bloodbank
MaXeyes Creations
R I Designs Furniture
Coull Creations
Waven Cajun Surf & Beachwear
TZ Designs
CaTZ Eyes Designs
Kinx Konnection
mastery's Wonderland
There's No Place Like Home
Dark Angel Design's
Ray of Inspiration
Frosting Ink
Delirium Style
*Starlight Wishes*
Malley's Fashions
The Black Orchid Gallery
Cozy in Hell
!Eye Candy Bodies
Altya Dream Creations & Toys
WTF Did You Just Say
TT Designs
Romance in Prims
Llyr's Bay Designs
Saris Creations
Finesmith Jewelry Design
United Neko's
Dead Dollz
LNL Square
Love Zombie
Little Rabbit
Bound by Love

Monday, January 4, 2010

Application Info for Merchants

Another frackin grid wide hunt in Second Life!

The Irontail Egg Hunt will run from April 1st-30th, reigning in the holiday season in a slightly different way. This hunt is for the warped & the sexy. Adult shops are encouraged to apply! We could all use a little targeted traffic. This is not going to be a kid friendly hunt nor one for the prudish or prissy, but a hunt for Adults, Nekos,Goth,Vampires and just those that enjoy some spice in their lives! Deadline for applications is Feb. 23rd and I am capping the hunt at 150 stores.


Please send: To JuliaSnow Fall or Alexis3 Luik in world (send to one of us NOT both)
Your full second life name
Store name
Landmark of your store

Name your application Irontail (Your Name)(Store name)

If accepted you will be invited to the Irontail Egg Hunt group for merchants. If you need an alt to join the group instead of your main avatar please let it be known on your application. I do realize group space is limited, but it is the only way I can keep in touch with all of you and have a smooth running hunt.